Improvements to Collector pop-up with related features/tables

Idea created by jra_umich on Dec 14, 2017
    • jra_umich
    • Jean_Bissonnette
    • kmsagis

    Two improvement suggestions for the pop-up in Collector when using related features/tables.


    Display Count of Field in Pop-up

    This appears to work correctly in Map Viewer, but there's no count in the pop-up in Collector. Example of a count displayed on pop-up of the GlobalID Field:


    AGOL Map ViewerCollector

    Related count - AGOL Map Viewer

    Count of 0 as expected.

    Related count - Collector

    No count, despite having 1 related record.


    Show Coded Domain Description in View List

    When tapping on View in the Collector pop-up, the list of related records shows the pop-up title. However, if this title uses the attribute value of a field in the related object that uses a coded domain, the coded value is displayed instead of the description. It would be a lot more useful to see the description, rather than the coded value.


    If you tap through to the specific related record, the coded domain's description is shown for the pop-up title (as expected).


    Related Records List View: Pop-up Title from Attribute field using Coded Domain
    List View of related records: pop-up title using coded domain from attribute value