Disable moving and resizing polygon and line features by default when editing

Idea created by shawjs on Dec 6, 2017
    • shawjs

    It is way too easy to inadvertently grab and drag an entire feature. This is especially a problem in cases where “undo” (such as in the WAB Edit widget ) doesn’t undo moves. The only remedy is to attempt moving it back to the correct location, or to re-digitize the feature (when that’s even feasible). And while you’re at it, disable resizing of these feature types also.


    These issues have created lots of problems for our users, forcing us to discourage the use of ArcGIS Online for editing anything but point layers.


    For those who need to move entire lines and polys, you could provide that as a configurable option.


    ArcGIS Pro can be used as an alternative, but it too makes inadvertent moving and resizing of polys and lines all too easy. But at least you can choose not to commit the change (if you noticed it, which might not be the case with very small moves or when zoomed in).