Ability to disable "Details" view in Pro

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Dec 5, 2017
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    • tpcolson

    Arc Pro is not the lightening fast app that the glossy brochures claim it is. Here is one reason why: After making a connection to a SDE database in Pro "Catalog", when you start drilling down through each feature class in the catalog view, no matter what right-click mouse action you execute on the feature class, the action is greyed-out while you wait for the description (meta data) to load. For my situation, this is about 30 seconds for each FC, even if it has no metadata. I'm finding that, in fact, everything I do in Pro is constrained by waiting for the "Description" to load. For those FC's where I actually have FGDC-compliant metadata (lots and lots of meaningless text no one will read), the wait time can push out to 2 minutes. 


    In Arc Catalog, Arc Map, the experience is the opposite. When I right-click on a FC, either to look at its properties or to drag it over to a map, the execution is instant, because the "description" isn't forced on my, and I don't have to wait for it to load. 


    So why am I forced to wait for a description in Pro to load? Users should have the ability to turn this off, or default to the "nothing" view that works in Arc Catalog. If I want to see the description, I'll click on it. Most of the time I'm not interested. I know what the "Roads" layer is. I don't need to wait 30 seconds for the Description to load before I can use it.