ArcGIS Pro: Support Metadata

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Nov 29, 2017
    Partially Implemented

    I have an organizational requirement regarding metadata: Export it as an XML; Edit/manipulate the XML in an external editor; Import the XML metadata; Use the USGS MP Metadata Translator to export the Metadata as HTML, Text, of Faq for conversion to PDF and retaining as part of our records retention policy (a hard copy in human-readable format has to be printed and certified for any data released publicly); Import/Export metadata between feature classes (I often use a template); upload XML metadata record to our organizations data portal so that its compatible with CKAN; Upload metadata xml to USGS validation service and include validation results with certified metadata (regardless of whatever validation tools are baked into Pro, my requirement is to include the USGS validation results with the printed metadata). I've been looking, but it appears I can do none of these things in Pro. In fact, the entire metadata toolbox is missing from Pro. These are all tool that are present, and work, in ArcMap, and have been there for many versions. This is another glaring omission "FGDC CSDGM-format metadata content won't be displayed in ArcGIS Pro or included in the ArcGIS Pro search index.". Please add these tools back, as we will not be allowed to use Pro if we can't satisfy policy requirements for producing, retaining, and disseminating metadata.