ArcGIS Pro - Create Custom Toolbars and Hotkeys

Idea created by amf2224 on Nov 27, 2017

    My idea is to add the ability to create custom toolbars and hotkeys in ArcGIS Pro.


    A large part of the work I do with ArcGIS involves digitizing and editing features. ArcMap is great for this. I can create custom toolbars and set up hotkeys so I can quickly switch back and forth between different editing tools. Creating large data sets of various shaped features is a breeze. For example, switching back and forth between the rectangle and right angle tools is quick and efficient. 


    I tried to make the switch to ArcPro but without the ability to create a custom toolbar and hot keys my digitizing speed has slowed to such a point that I had to switch back to ArcMap. Having to constantly use the mouse to click on different "create features" options is very inefficient. Using hotkeys reduces the need to use the mouse, which speeds up digitizing and editing. Creating a custom toolbar provides all the needed tools in one place. Eliminating the need to navigate to different ribbons for the options you are looking for. I attached an example of a custom toolbar that I currently use in ArcMap.  


    Unfortunately, without these elements in ArcPro I will have to continue using ArcMap.


    Furthermore, custom hotkeys and toolbars are useful in other ArcGIS workflows. Creating custom toolbars and hotkeys that are unique to your projects needs can help organize your workflow and reduce the need to navigate to different Panes. 


    Carrying over the ability to make custom toolbars and hotkeys from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro would be really helpful. 

    Thank you!