Web Mapping Application Items in My Content - show the name of the template used to create the App

Idea created by MHOOLE_governmentofbc on Nov 23, 2017
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    When we build applications in ArcGIS Online, we have many choices of app templates/builders to use.  Unfortunately "my content" nor anywhere in the items details explicitly indicates what template was used to build the app.


    Its time consuming to open the app just to find out if its a Story Map Journal, or Story Map Series, Or Web Appbuilder App etc.


    Some of our projects use multiple web applications that are built using different templates or builders.  Currently we use a naming convention to include an acronym that indicates what template/builder was used to create the app i.e.

    • app name: "Cumulative Effects Project - SMJ", where SMJ indicates Story Map Journal
    • app name: "Cumulative Effects Project - WAB", where WAB indicates Web Appbuilder
    • app name: "Cumulative Effect Project - SMS", where SMS indicates Story Map Series
    • ....


    Please find a way to explicitly state what template or builder was used to create the Web Mapping Application.  This would improve the utility of My Contents and Item Details.