Merge the My ESRI licence site with ArcGIS Online

Idea created by Kingston_ICT on Nov 22, 2017

    I recently had to install and licence a single use copy of ArcGIS Desktop Basic; an extension and also ArcGIS Pro. I was able to licence ArcGIS Desktop Basic and the extension for it very easily.


    However I couldn't figure out how I get ArcGIS Pro to be licensed, as the licence key I had for ArcGIS Desktop Basic didn't work, since it had already been used.


    The main route for licensing in ArcGIS Pro is named user but I wasn't sure how I link a named user to ArcGIS Desktop Basic singe use licence. After all how else would ESRI know that the single use licence we purchased was being used in ArcGIS Pro?


    Turns out all the named user licences are held on ArcGIS Online rather than My ESRI and when you buy an ArcGIS Desktop Basic single use licence, it increments the number of ArcGIS Pro licenses available on the ArcGIS online portal by 1.


    I think it would be helpful if both sites were merged to make licensing easier to understand and follow. ArcGIS Pro licenses already exist on My ESRI if you are using concurrent licensing. We have 3 of those, so I was expecting all ArcGIS Pro licensing to be hold there and not elsewhere.


    Incidentally the way it currently works means a different user could be using ArcGIS Pro to the user who is using ArcGIS Desktop Basic. Same applies for all single use versions of ArcGIS.