Improve WebApp Builder Search Widget for Address Searches

Idea created by aseimMSB on Nov 14, 2017
    • kmsagis
    • dewright_ca

    We live in an area where the road directional (e.g., SE, N, NE) in the address isn't always used or known.  When entering an address in the Search widget without the road directional no match is found.  We have found if users enter a '%' sign as the road directional the address will be found by the widget so we supply instructions to do so.  However we feel this may be too much of a learning curve for some users.  We would like to see the Search widget improved so that it is more predictive or smarter and will return addresses when the road directional is not typed with the address.  Here is the current application where we have addressed this: ArcGIS Web Application