Offline Reports-Users, Web Maps and Feature Services

Idea created by on Nov 7, 2017

    We want to be able to run a report and determine which of our users or items are currently utilizing our assets in an offline capacity. For example, if we deploy a web map with feature services configured for offline mode and synchronization in Collector, we would like to be able to query that web map and determine which users still have the content offline and when they last syncd. There could also be multiple iterations of these reports by which you could query a user and see which maps/services they had offline.


    The premise behind this request is that if we have an update or maintenance window for our content, but we still have users that have offline content and haven't synced or removed the data from their device, then we run the risk of orphaning their work because of our modifications. If we could run a report and determine a list of users for any given application (offline web map)  then we could coordinate with them effectively in advance of changes.