A "Keep me signed in" checkbox that keeps me signed in

Idea created by env.matt.wilkie on Oct 26, 2017
    Not in Current Product Plan

    Please do what you can to make the "Keep me signed in" checkbox that is on the Esri web sites work. Thank you.


    The check box doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect. On the forums I have to sign in for every new browser session. Additionally even if I don't close my browser the next day or several hours later I'm still forced to login again.  I see the same behaviour in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (I haven't tested Edge recently).


    If the feature actually does work and just doesn't for me, then please point to documentation that describes what's needed to support the feature on the client side and/or the environments that have been tested.


    If the problem is intractable and can't be solved, then remove the darn thing and don't tease!


    screen shot of esri login prompt


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