Survey123 Copy Survey from Inbox

Idea created by kkoz490 on Oct 25, 2017

    I would like to request that within Survey123 there be the option to make copies of surveys from the Inbox such as there is from the Sent folder.


    We have created a survey form from a hosted feature service. In the survey we are using the Inbox folder to load the current features. These represent previous year’s inspections and we would like to edit a copy of the survey to maintain certain information. It seems that the only way to create a copy of a survey is from the Send folder.


    Having only one option to create copies of surveys from the Sent folder creates a difficult workflow. It seems you would need to open the survey from the Inbox, save the survey with no changes, and then send the survey from the Outbox. After that you would create a copy from the Send folder, edit the survey and then send the edited copy. It would be an easier workflow to be able to create the copy directly from the Inbox, make the needed changes, and then send the updates.


    Is there any planned software upgrades to allow coping surveys from the Inbox?