ArcGIS Pro: Option to Import Complete Symbology Definition

Idea created by RyanP_LU on Oct 24, 2017
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    ArcGIS Pro: Option to Import Complete Symbology Definition in the Import Symbology from Layer function


    In ArcGIS for Desktop; during the Import Symbology function you had the option to import the 'Complete Symbology Definition' which maintained the classifications / (Natural Breaks - Jenks) of the source dataset in lieu of just 'in spirit'


    In ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1, you can import the symbology from another layer but it only uses the symbology 'in spirit'. The colour ramp & number of breaks are maintained but the actual values used in the classifications are rebuilt for the target dataset in lieu of what was present in the source dataset.


    This behaviour will be correct in many applications, but not useful when you want 2 features containing similar data to have consistent symbology.  Right now it seems the only option would be manually build the breaks in the target layer or merge the datasets?


    ArcGIS Pro needs to have the option to import/apply the Complete Symbology Definition.


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