In Arcgis Pro, add setting to hide 'Delete Field' button on attribute tables

Idea created by paul.haakma on Oct 19, 2017

    In ArcGIS Pro, when you open an attribute table, there is a row of buttons immediately above the field names. This includes buttons to Add, Delete and Calculate Fields.


    In the normal course of using ArcGIS Pro, I often would use the 'Calculate' button. But the other two seem a bit dangerous to leave there for the casual user. I can't tell you the number of times I've selected a record, gone to delete it and clicked the 'Delete Field' button! Bad enough for me who can fix it, terrible for other gis users in our organisation who are typically digitizing but shouldn't need to add or delete fields.


    I assume they are there for a reason, but can we add a setting perhaps to hide these buttons? Ideally, they would be hidden by default and a user could enable/add them if it was a workflow they used often.