Hyperlink Field / Support in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by RyanP_LU on Oct 16, 2017
    Partially Implemented

    I have numerous features having an attribute pointing at network folders.

    UNC paths, Mapped drives or Relative paths... doesnt matter. All 3 variations work perfectly in ArcGIS for Desktop.


    It appears that ArcGIS Pro has dropped this feature?


    The hyperlink option is no longer a layer property, so you cannot easily (within the GUI with no html experience) configure hyperlinks to be displayed in the Explorer-Navigation Pop-up window (formerly Identify tool).


    You can embed HTML formatting into the text field in order to replicate this functionality in ArcGIS Pro however; 

         - the hyperlink tool in ArcGIS for Desktop does not recognize the HTML formatted links

         - the HTML pop-up tool in ArcGIS for Desktop also does not display the HTML formatted links

           Will have to have 2 columns in the attrib table in order to publish to Desktop & Pro?

                1 for Desktop - Just the link sans html formatting

                1 for Pro - Link & html formatting


    The GUI method we had in ArcGIS for Desktop (meanwhile supporting more than 1 field) would be ideal.