Project Kick off dialog

Idea created by mbrueningesi on Oct 10, 2017
    • mbrueningesi

    The idea is to have a "Project Kick off" dialog box open when you select a map for viewing within collector. The purpose of this is to allow the author of the map; that is being consumed by field crews, the ability to announce important items prior to them beginning data collection.


    So the work flow would be something similar -

    1. During the authoring of the web map; the author would enter some text into an "initial pop up window" field; similar to the "map description", that would show up within a pop-up.
    2. This field would have a check box that would allow the author to "enable" or "disable" the pop up.
    3. The field worker would select the map to take offline
      1. The map would check for the "initial pop up window" field is enabled
      2. If this variable is enabled, then the map would include this as portion a of the downloaded map that would be used within the collector app.
    4. Upon opening, there would be a "pop up" dialog that shows the entered text from the web map authoring for the user to see/read prior to collecting data.
    5. After reading the pop up, the user could close the window and continue on with data capture.


    I would like this feature in order to bring to attention for the user to use "Layer XYZ" to fill out document work completed; like a DPR layer for example. Maybe it could be used to help remind the field crew for that day to stay off a "No Access" portion of the project? Potentially be used for a variety of announcements or reminders for the field crews, maybe even allow for hyperlinking to other items?