Device login management

Idea created by on Oct 3, 2017

    I work on one of 28 teams that each manage up to 18 iOS and Android devices. We use Apple Configurator to manage the iOS devices, and many times we configure them in a disconnected or bandwidth limited environment. I know Configurator and iTunes can be used to transfer TPK files, but it would help a lot if we can sideload a configuration file that contains the portal and login information. The current workflow is that I touch each device, log out of the account, and then type in the new credentials for each device. Many times, we issue the same devices to different people, with logins that are task/position-specific - not name specific. In addition, we need the ability to sideload a map schema in addition to the TPK - similar to how ArcPad used to work. With these improvements, the device does not need to "see" the internet before collecting data.