Idea created by briertel on Oct 9, 2017
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    It would be great if Pro could incorporate different camera types similar to City Engine. Specifically, accomplishing orthographic / isometric views.


    I work a lot with 3D in Pro, specifically with NYC buildings. The perspective in ArcGIS Pro is so drastic that when viewing a set of buildings that span 30 or 40 blocks, the buildings farthest away are significantly smaller that the buildings in the foreground.  To some, this indicates that the smaller buildings are less important when in fact they are equally (if not more) important as the others.


    So, the advantages:

    Equal weight given to all 3d objects in a scene.

    Enables easier labeling for map designers that custom label their streets, avenues, etc. outside of Pro (i.e., Illustrator)

    Also, for Indoor GIS, I believe this would be extremely important.