Identify the lowest level required to run a model

Idea created by Hornbydd on Sep 25, 2017
    • Hornbydd

    A colleague of mine recently asked if there was any way to find out what the license level you would require to run a model built in model builder (either in ArcMap or ArcPro). Kory Kramer in your reply here you mention there is new functionality coming in Pro that got me writing this idea here. I hope this idea fits in with the up and coming new functionality?


    All I'm envisaging is a read only property of the model, may be something that is auto-populated in the metadata, that states that this model runs in either Basic, Standard or Advance and requires extensions XYZ.


    Why would you need this if you are the person who is creating the model? Good question! Where there is this scenario that "sometimes" comes up, it's I'm doing work for someone else...  We regularly work on projects where clients want the tools/code that created the outputs. They may then redistribute it.  So for us who build the models it would be really helpful to be able to quickly check a property and then say to the client that these models can only run on at least a X licensed level machine.


    I know models display a cross when you do not have an extension installed and the model is using a tool from that extension but if you work in academia and have everything (i.e. Advance license and all extensions) then it is very easy to overlook a particular tool and not realize that you are using a workflow that your client will never be able to execute.


    So a read only property that gets set on model validation would be a helpful reminder of who can actually run the model you just created.


    This is being marked as a Duplicate of Check License Required to Run Model which was recently moved to Under Consideration.