New Connection (WMS/WFS) allow giving a name

Idea created by JTvdW@WUR on Sep 22, 2017
    • JTvdW@WUR

    Connections receive an auto-generated name that tends to be long and have the differentiating part at the end. And at the and  means out of view in the often times narrow Catalog Pane (right side of the screen).

    Include a Name field (text-box) in the New Connection Dialogue (could be the first field) such that a user can set the name to something short and distinctive telling him/her which is which.


    Currently the handling of a.o. WFS leaves much to be desired and several different tries (e.g. what version of the protocol has been speficief) may come in to existence while the user is trying to find a solution that actually works. Allowing a name to be given would be very helpful.


    And while you're busy improving the naming, maybe include an option to reset the name of a Connection from the Content Pane > Properties dialogue.

    So they can relabel the one that finally is found to working to a distinctive name setting apart from the non-functioning remainder.