ArcGIS Pro:  Enable Full Right-Click Menu

Idea created by dtschopp on Sep 19, 2017

    The right-click menu in ArcGIS Pro is missing numerous functions that are available in ArcMap.  These functions need to be as comprehensive, or more so in Pro.  Example one of many:  In need of a map within a few minutes during a board meeting, I was joining a table to a feature class.   I needed to check that the field used for the join had the same properties so that the join is successful and trouble-free.  In the attribute table, right-click on a field>Properties shows you within a second, literally.  Right-click in ArcGIS Pro doesn't have "properties".  Nor was I able to find it after scanning the contextual ribbons or "project window" for more than a few minutes.  It was quicker to open up ArcMap and reload the data.  The more I use Pro, the more disappointed I am.  I am quickly finding out any time "saved" in a 64 bit environment is quickly negated due to the qwerky workflows and dysfunctional interface of Pro.  I couldn't care less about a "slick and buttery" interface.  "Slick and buttery" doesn't get work done.


    After forcing Pro onto myself for over a month, I am officially downgrading it to heavy processing where the multi-threading can be utilized.  It is in no condition for replacement of ArcMap.