Screening Widget extras

Idea created by jcauldwell on Sep 18, 2017

    Really like the screening widget and the ability to report back intersecting features, especially as it honours filters set on layers. I'd love to see extra functionality with this including...

    1. Ability to set a negative buffer to avoid polygons being reported if they only share a boundary with the feature being analysed - this means neighbours results wouldn't show up on the report
    2. Allow area / length units reported to be customised to include smaller measurements such as metres squared.
    3. Allow coordinates to be entered in the map coordinate system rather than just lat / long
    4. Adding a Notes heading to the print out so the notes section doesn't get lost. Even better have a tab in the widget where you can add notes for the print out with the standard styling buttons of bold, italic etc.
    5. For the map page of the report, carry through the layout selected rather the just the page size. Though I do like the fact that the legend that is printed is adaptive, rather than showing all classifications for the layer.
    6. Set a minimum scale for the map in the report, potentially even 'only show report map at cached scales'
    7. Set sort order on report fields
    8. Potential for printing a map extract for each area identified on the report (would be nice but could end up with a really long report...)
    9. Identify reported features on the map (or at least the option to)
    10. Split results tables over pages to save paper
    11. Option to print without the web header and footer
    12. Allow download of results tables / map image only (rather than feature geometry) to get round potential licensing restrictions.


    So just a couple of things then... but generally am really looking forward to this coming to Portal.


    J :-)