Use DBTUNE keyword when registering with geodatabase

Idea created by Konopkaeh on Sep 15, 2017
    • KYejju-esristaff

    Situation: Oracle user OSPRI owns tables created using DBMS modelling tool. OSPRI user has own tablespace OSPRI_DATA, and its own geodatabase dbtune keyword, OSPRI_LOAD, which directs all geodatabase objects into the correct tablespace. We want to register the spatial tables with the geodatabase and have the new objects go into OSPRI_DATA. The object is to isolate any data storage problems connected to this application or its users.


    Unfortunately, currently it is not possible, when registering a table with the geodatabase, to specify a keyword. ArcGIS automatically tries to place the new object(s) in the tablespace for the object type (e.g. destination assigned for business table) in DEFAULTS.


    We are having to use a workaround to accomplish what we want. It would be much more convenient to be able to specify the keyword.
    Use DBTUNE keyword when registering with geodatabase