Add option to honour Definition Queries when using the "Consolidate Map" tool

Idea created by addax.philippe.chessel on Sep 15, 2017
    • addax.philippe.chessel

    At the moment when I am exporting a .mxd project with lots of layers into a map package using the "Consolidate Map" tool , all the records of each layers in the source arcsde geodatabase are exported into the packaged file geodatabase.


    Even if the layers have a Definitions Query set.

    The result is that when you have a huge multi-countries corporate geodatabase , then even if all layers have a country='xxx' where clause in all layers of the mxd, then all records are exported.


    Then we have to clean the result package to filter out the unwanted features.


    Would be very good to have an option to apply the Definition Query to the target file geodatabase output.


    Philippe Chessel