Please make it easier to log bugs!  How about a Bug Bounty program?

Idea created by geoblair on Sep 14, 2017

    I recently came across an ArcGIS Enterprise bug that I wanted to log.  My experience trying to log the bug was not great.  Here is how it went:


    1) Quick google search of how to log a bug for Esri software landed me on an old Blog post.

    2) The blog post directed me to an Esri support page where I can't create an issue because I do not have access to create a support case.


    Now I know it is easy to get myself added as a support user, but all I want to do is log a bug.  This should be easier.  After 15 minutes I gave up trying to log the bug .  Is there a more preferred way?


    How about a Bug Bounty program!?!  This has become standard practice in the software world.  Thank you.