Drop the Time slider feature

Idea created by mike.honey on Sep 6, 2017
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    I don't like the Time slider feature - the scale is almost completely obscure, it's too big and cant be resized, re-positioned, formatted in any way at all, and whatever the intervals are, their number and width seem arbitrary.  I can't imagine using it for any real-world analysis task.


    It also seems to trigger the "spinner" (animated bars at the bottom left) to stay active continuously, which is distracting (or should I be paying attention to that?).


    Anyway there's already a quite functional Custom Visual that delivers the same functionality, but does it much better:

    Play Axis (Dynamic Slicer) 


    I suggest quietly removing this feature from the ArcGIS custom visual.  I don't see the point in the developers putting more time in just to re-invent the wheel.