ArcGIS Pro - Default Spatial Reference System as 'none'

Idea created by robert.davis on Sep 5, 2017
    • jrflannery

    I noticed that the default spatial reference system in ArcGIS Pro is automatically set to WGS, compared to the default spatial reference system in ArcGIS Desktop is set to 'none'. When adding files (.dwg or .dgn) that do not have a spatial reference system into a map that has a reference system different than the files, this can cause the elements to display in physically very different places. It's easy enough to remember to change the spatial reference system to the correct one before adding layers, but it's also just as easy to forget this step and wonder why elements that once lined up in your .dgn no longer do.


    To minimize events like the one described above, I think it would be beneficial to either set the default spatial reference system to 'none' in ArcGIS Pro, or have it as a separate option so we can create a template project with spatial reference set to 'none'.