Canadian Datum transformations in Collector

Idea created by alvaro.eos on Sep 5, 2017
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    My name is Alvaro Paez and I work for Eos Positioning Systems that sells thousands of high accuracy GPS/GNSS receivers all around the World. We have noted that in Collector there no datum transformation available for our canadian users. 


    Our receivers are capable of using different type of datum depending of the type of correction received. 

    1 -If our receiver uses the WAAS (SBAS) correction, the datum is ITRF 2008. We get sub-meter accuracy.

    2 -If our receiver uses a RTK network correction, generally the datum is NAD 83 SCRS98. We get cm accuracy.

    There is another type of correction but I wont go into that yet...


    Most of our client have their map in WGS 84 or ITRF 2008. 


    Inside Collector the transformation between NAD 83 SCRS98 to WGS84/ITRF2008 doesn't work. 

    We have confirmed that with Esri Canada (Esri Case #01936061) and a request is pending to add/fix the issue. 

    The requested made b Esri Canada is ENH-000107568. 


    Other thing that we want to know: 

    When we select the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere as the map coordinate system, can you tell us what is the revision of the WGS 84? Is it G1762 ? (That is similar to the ITRF 2008 with epoch 2005.0). 


    These issues were fixed in Collector for the USA(they have implemented NAD 83 2011 with the datum transformation) since my chef engineer, Jean-Yves Lauture, was in contact with Mr. Jeff Shaner (and his programmer) from Esri USA in Redland. They got one of our receiver to test with. 

    An link on our website was also created: 


    Any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated. 


    Best regards,


    Alvaro Paez, product manager

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