Survey123 – allow a survey to open the 'Inbox' menu by default instead of the 'Collect' menu, when a survey is launched from another application with the 'arcgis-survey123://?itemID=' Custom URL Scheme

Idea created by Ayelet123 on Aug 25, 2017
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    We use Collector integrated with Survey123 to update, validate and collect attributes of existing features in the field.
    Collector is used for updating the geometry - change features location or add missing features when needed. Survey123 is used for updating features attributes, using functions that are not available in Collector.


    Users launch Survey123 from features pop-up window in Collector, but at the moment they're directed to the 'Collect' menu which will only add a new record to the feature class.


    We’d like the application to open the 'Inbox' menu by default instead, so that the users can modify the feature attributes without going through the following cumbersome workflow steps:
    Tap the X button
    Select 'Close survey and lose changes'.
    In the main menu of the Survey tap 'Inbox'
    Tap the 'Map' option and then tap the appropriate feature that you'd like to modify.