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Idea created by Boydandrew21 on Aug 25, 2017
    • Boydandrew21
    • rozekc_washtenaw

    I had an Idea when creating a new layer for a co-worker who didn't use GIS. I had spoken to them about creating and using GIS data and how adding a spatial element would allow them to interact with their databases and analyse in a new, potentially easier way of managing their data. I delved into the usual speil that all GIS users have undertaken when trying to turn the uninitiated to the cause.


    So when explaining the concept of BLOB and raster fields in a feature layer and how you can add documents and images to a feature layer, I showed them how to create this field and I when i was explaining he difference of the field name and the alias to them. They said "so will that show you the type of data to input or guide the user as to what to put into the field? I was a little confused so they tried to explain. "You know like, in excel when you write a comment in a box and the small red triangle appears in the corner and when you hover over the comment it appears with whatever you wrote, can you do that to the field headings to make sure the user only attaches the correct document to the record, or what type of data or input relevant comments into the table, like a way to remind them where data should be coming from or how it should be formatted?


    When I stopped to think about it  I think it would be really useful if you could hover over the Field title and if you wanted a little information to help remind you of the data or where it had come from how it was input or where it was from, would be an interesting feature. helping users with limited GIS knowledge who only would be using the software for inputting data in their use of the software.


    Unless I'm mistaken I don't believe there is a function like this available in Desktop. that when you run over the field headings you can get a breakdown of the data held in that column?