Survey123 - Change the default map with an existing webmap from the AGOL organisation account

Idea created by FFEQUITATION on Aug 25, 2017

    In a Survey123 form created on I would like to change the default map of the form with an existing webmap i created with features services from my AGOL organisation account.

    Indeed I found interisting the possibility to propose people to locate the information of the form directly on a WebMap included in the form where other informations (feature services) are present. This map could show the answers proposed by other users of the form in order to avoid people to propose an existing information.

    Furthermore this custom WebMap from our AGOL account which is included in the form could proposed to question the attributes of the feature and the WebMap could be opened in a bigger pop-up window in order to locate easily the information compared to the others.


    What do you think about it ?


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