ARCGIS PRO: WMTS tile requests should not be throttled

Idea created by cmetcalf_appgeo on Aug 23, 2017
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    • cmetcalf_appgeo

    There seams to be a maximum parallel tile requests when using a wmts service in ArcGIS pro, similar to how web browsers throttle the number of requests to a single domain.

    How to reproduce:

    add a wmts service to your map in ArcGIS pro, zoom in and look at the web request logs

    What I expect:

    In arcgis 9.x and 10.x the server receives all the tile requests at once and is able to fulfill all of them simultaneously

    What actually happens:

    I see some requests, and then after they finish I see more coming in making the the layer take much longer to load


    remove the limit and make sure ArcGIS Pro wmts performance isn't regressed compared to 10.x