Auto-store photos from Collector on iOS devices

Idea created by Ayelet123 on Aug 22, 2017

    Photos that were taken with Collector on Android are stored under /MyDevice/ArcGISApp;
    I wish there was a similar option when using Collector on iOS devices.
    Currently, the only way to access photos and videos that were collected with Collector on iOS is via the app itself.
    This is an issue when working with a dozen of layers, in a large area with no service.


    A field supervisor can travel long distances in one day (within a no-service area) but it is impossible to download such a large work area maps as well as so many layers.
    Yet he needs access to photos he collected in the past.
    This issue can be addressed if had first taken the pictures and then attach them to collected features but this is a time-consuming workflow and misses one of the biggest advantages of Collector.