Add full COGO functionality to ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by mhoffman6 on Aug 22, 2017
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    I have been working in ArcGIS Pro to test the migration to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap. One of the job duties I have is to verify easements, annexations, and other legal descriptions. One of the concerns I have is with the release of the Traverse tool. While it has been nice to work with, currently I am not seeing Grid to Ground Correction functionality as well as the ability to COGO area descriptions into a polygon format. Is there something I am missing with the latest version of ArcGIS pro or is the functionality not there as of yet?


    Ground to Grid functionality in ArcMap would have corrected for this error (as much as it is). 


    See attached image, disregard the polygon as that is for the third portion of my question.


    Secondly, is there directional control for non-tangent curves? See my legal description example.


    Example: "thence 4.32 feet along the arc of a non-tangent curve to the right, said curve having a radius of 326.00 feet, a delta angle of 00-45'34", and a long chord bearing 74-57'30" East, 4.32 feet to a point of compound curvature"


    Currently I have not seen any way to enter curve direction for non-tangent curves in ArcGIS Pro. Is there a tool or command that I am missing here as well?


    Third and final question for entering in legal descriptions for areas such as Annexations and Easements (all forms). I have not seen tool functionality or ability to enter in legal descriptions for areas. The polygon that is in the picture is one that I traced over top of the transverse that I created to test the tool. Is there something I am missing here as well?