Reject Completed Assignments

Idea created by deleted-user-st4HsVxccxgs on Aug 18, 2017
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    Many workflows assign a task, receive a result, then either approve or reject it. If there was a way to basically just edit the status field in the assignments table, as a Dispatcher, it would greatly apply to many workflows in many industries. This is technically possible manually, by going through the feature service, and setting the Status field from "Completed" to "Assigned". But obviously having this capability through Workforce would be much better.
    A rejection of an assignment prompts the mobile worker to re-do the work associated with assignment. Specifically, this would greatly help with Survey123 integrations, where forms follow this workflow:

    • Assignment by Dispatcher
    • Submission by Mobile worker
    • Rejection/Approval by a Dispatcher.
    • Re-submission by Mobile worker (if rejected)