FIELD CALCULATOR : Discard/Revert option

Idea created by ckohlerpeoria on Aug 10, 2017
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    Today, my week-long project had to be restarted. To be honest it was my mistake and I didn't prepare back-ups so I take full responsibility as a user. 


    My project requires over 6,000 fire hydrants to be classed into 4 different types. 


    Single feature editing is not efficient, field calculator seemed a better/optimal solution.


    "show all records" was selected instead of "show selected records".


    All fire hydrants types were overwritten to the one calculated value.


    Restarted my project and have considered work-arounds such as creating clones, then re-organize values to match original, etc. 


    Can we have a discard feature applied to field calculator so similar workflows can be optimized instead of weighted-down by work-arounds and alternatives. 


    If it is not rocket-science,how difficult would it be to apply single-feature-edit's discard edit function to field calculator?


    One ESRI fix trickles down countless time saved for all users.


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