Survey123 and Collector Photo Thumbnails management

Idea created by nick.moore on Aug 8, 2017
    • nick.moore
    • WJBurdette
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    • stp2bfre

    An idea we would like to see is an option for both Survey123 and Collector, to store original Size (or a local copy) photographs to the Camera Roll or Device storage and have the option to either, only attach the thumbnails (or chosen resized version as attachments) and store originals (unrestricted) to camera roll, physically attach none store local only, or an option to use as currently is.


    This is especially useful where very photo dependant surveys are required in an offline environment. Downloading new data due to the size of the records with the attachments can take a very long time. Also the attachment posting can take a very long time in limited reception. An option to send attachments only via Wifi would be really handy too.


    Also it is sometimes necessary to keep a very high res version as you may need to zoom in to the required object without losing significant quality. Something that cant be done easily in the current workflows and Sizes without only capturing unrestricted sizes.


    In AGOL potentially have the thumbnails as the primary but allow users to view the associated original (unrestricted)