AGOL printing AGAIN!

Idea created by jayrlarsenAZ on Aug 8, 2017
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    AGOL printing continues to be problematic/non-existent for pure online AGOL/BAO shops like mine.  Endless screencapping and editing and hacking together of suitable maps and legends.


    (The new "print" feature that puts a legend in there is nice try, suitable for only the simplest of maps, and still requires a screencap!)


    At UC I saw a demo of the print widget for the ArcGIS app generator.  It contains a URL that WORKS for PRINTING in a web app!!!  Yet if you plug this same URL into the AGOL Org definitions, it is specifically NOT ALLOWED.


    Why do you let any schmoe on the web print a nice map to PDF, and we paying AGOL customers cannot?  AGOL must have native print on par with BAO--which, ironically, is made out of AGOL to begin with...


    The workflow of making PPT slides from screencaps is back-breaking and awful.  Please realize that 99% of you customers are making PPT slides for Execs, and it is terrible and labor intensive beyond belief.