Include photo coordinates on reports from Survey123

Idea created by apeters@sfwmd.gov_sfwmd on Aug 4, 2017

    My organization conducts site inspections of exotic plant treatments completed by contract companies and uses a Survey123 to collect the data.  They walk around the site and take several pictures of the plant treatments and they would like their picture coordinates and direction included on the report (in addition to the photo name already supported).  Currently, our work around is that staff are to use the Solocator app on their device to take their pictures while attaching photos to a Survey123.  This embeds a direction, Lat, Long, and date and time stamp on the photo (example attached here).  They stated that it would be even better to include both Lat/Long and UTMX/UTMY if possible.  Lastly, they prefer a .pdf report instead of a Word document so that it is edit protected from the recipient.