Ability to restore filters when clicking the App State pop-up in WAB

Idea created by slidsteresri-ca-esridist Employee on Aug 3, 2017
    • jcibor
    • thomasbennett
    • nrichards
    • tolkogis

    Currently in WebAppbuilder you can enable the App State to keep the map extent and layers visibility while leaving the app. This functionality is very useful because you may have multiple different users of an app that are interested in different locations and/or layers. An enhancement to this current functionality would be to include the option to restore any filters applied to the layers through the attribute table. This functionality would be similar to a definition query in ArcMap. If a user created a filter on a layer through the attribute table, the next time they reloaded the app, they would click the pop-up to restore the app state which would restore the filters in addition to the map extent and layer visibility.