Explain what other specific tools require map view to be enabled in Online doucmentation

Idea created by infobleep on Jul 28, 2017
    • infobleep
    • jbrannigan1

    Work with a map on a layout—Layouts | ArcGIS Desktop 


    In the above online help page, for ArcGIS Pro, it would be helpful if it explained what the "other tools specific to a map view" are.


    This stems from the fact I found I was unable to switch on the Maplex labelling engine when creating a map. There was nothing to tell me in the online help as to what I was doing wrong. The online help just said I could switch to the Maplex labelling engine.


    Turns out I needed to have the map view enabled. This was far from obvious to me. After contacting UK Technical support they suggested I log this as an ArcGIS Idea.


    Hopefully enough people will agree with me and ESRI will implement this.