Restrict Geocode Search by Defined Map Extent

Idea created by campbeh on Jul 21, 2017
    • jmriggsbee
    • campbeh
    • csgeosol1

    I would like to have the option of setting the geocoder to return results only within the extent of the map as defined by the "home" extent of the map.  This would provide a much better user experience.


    Restrictions have been implemented in the World Geocoder so that users will get results based on country or based on the current map extent.  When the current map extent option is checked in the configuration of the Search widget, users are forced to return to the home view of the map before entering another value in the search field.  If they forget to do this and remain zoomed in to one area, the geocoder will not return any valid results which fall outside of that current map view.  Note that "Enable local search" does not meet this need.


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