Improve the functionality of the Band Combination tool

Idea created by Mike_AllpointsGIS on Jul 20, 2017

    Improve the functionality of the Raster Layer, Appearance, Band Combination tool.

    1. The help document is very slim on how this tool actually works (see attachment). What assumptions does this tool make?

    2. What metadata (or other factors) does the tool need/use to identify the type of raster data (landsat 7, 8, or naip etc.) to be able to propose specific band combinations should be documented. The composite bands tool needs to feed the proper data to the metadata so the Band Combination tool can take advantage of this information.

    2. The tool will propose band combinations that are incorrect for raster data built using the composite bands tool even though the created raster is valid which leads to little confidence in the Band Combination tool. Knowing how the tool make "decisions" will help to reduce frustrations or writing the tool off entirely.

    3. Just how the bands are combined for  for Landuse, Vegetation analysis, etc needs to be explained fully (any band calculations) and the references to the methods need to be documented.  e.g. is Vegetation analysis the same as NDVI and if not, how is it different?

    4. The popup tool tips need better explanations (what assumptions are being made, what band calculations are occuring, etc.) and a link to more complete documentation.