Local Copy for Editing without Attachments

Idea created by mnadas on Jul 19, 2017

    We are currently using AGOL for all our field work, which involved detailed manhole and pipe inspections. Each time a field crew goes to an inspection, they are supposed to edit the feature and fill out information on the asset. They then take a photo or two and attach it to the feature. We are working with over 5000 assets and this is just for one small area.


    Whenever a GIS analyst works and wants to create a local copy for editing of the feature service, our only option is to zoom into a small area and check that area out. To do bulk editing of multiple features, the entire area needs to be checked out which is taking our analysts forever.


    I was hoping that Esri could implement a "Create Local Copy for Editing without the Attachment" option or "Create Local Copy for Editing with Links for Attachments". 


    I did notice Batch Attribute Editor widget and will look into it to see if this will fulfill our needs, but ArcGIS Desktop/Pro has so many additional tools that we may need to use.