Disconnected Editing in Pro

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Jul 18, 2017

    In Arc Map, I can right-click on a hosted feature service, select "Edit" -> Create Local Copy For Editing. This capability does not exist in Pro. I, perhaps like many Esri customers, work on a slow, often "down" corporate network  with a GIS server farm hundreds of miles (and dozens of network hops) away, and where IT thinks the most appropriate time to remotely install a 1 GB update is during the work day. The editing performance of Pro when editing directly against the server, while faster then directing editing a SDE connection in Arc Map, is still painfully slow. Most of my HF's contain hundreds, some cases thousands, a few have hundreds of thousands of features. Some have related tables. Being able to bring down a local copy for editing allows me to focus on rapid data QA and editing without waiting for the feature to draw every time I zoom, pan, or query. Arc GIS Server  supports creating an editable replica, why does Pro not support disconnected editing?