ArcGIS Pro 2.0 + SDE Connections in Favorites

Idea created by jrflannery on Jul 18, 2017

    In ArcGIS Pro 2.0, I am able to add a connection to an enterprise geodatabase (GDB) and tag it as a Favorite.  The GDB connection file is saved to this location [C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming\esri\ArcGISPro\Favorites] as a *.sde file.


    If I add (copy/paste) new *.sde connection files that were created by myself or a different ArcGIS Pro user to my C:\Users\...\ArcGISPro\Favorites, they do not dynamically appear in my Pro Favorites pane.  I need to add them manually, one at a time.


    If I remove a *.sde file from my C:\Users\...\ArcGISPro\Favorites folder, Pro does not dynamically remove the GDB from my Favorites pane, but instead shows a red exclamation point (!) next to the connection.


    What I would like to see is my Favorites pane in Pro dynamically reflect the connection files that are located in my C:\Users\...\ArcGISPro\Favorites folder – like what we see in ArcCatalog. 


    This would be helpful, because we have a database administrator who creates the GDB connection files and shares them as *.sde files with the other GIS staff.  This works great with ArcCatalog, but falls short with ArcGIS Pro.