Add copy selected rows to ArcGIS Pro context menu

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Jul 14, 2017

    I'm struggling with the many short-cuts that seems to be the way ArcGIS Pro does things. In many applications you would typically have a button to do something and a short-cut key sequence. So for the people who do regular processing short-cuts are a life saver, the rest of the planet uses the button! 


    Until about 30 minutes ago I thought yet another limitation of ArcGIS Pro was that I could not copy the selected rows in a table view, turns out you can with a totally non-standard and not obvious short cut sequence Ctrl+Shift+C.


    Firstly I'm obviously very pleased to discover I can actually copy rows but I must say not using CRTL+C which is the defacto copy short-cut sequence is obscuring this very useful and important function of ArcGIS Pro.


    When I copy rows in ArcMap I always right click on the table margin and copy the rows from the button in the context menu that pops up.


    So my idea and it would save the rest of the planet who don't use short-cuts but have trained themselves to right click on things in ArcGIS a whole lot of pain and stress is to simply add a copy selected rows button in the existing context menu.


    A really easy tweak to Pro that would be a real winner!