Local Perspective Polygon Results; Centriod Positioning

Idea created by jlodge on Jul 3, 2017
    • jlodge

    Automatically or add an option to manually constrain the numbering of polygon results to be within the polygon rather than at its geometric centre or centroid.


    When using the ESRI Standard Webapp Template 'Local Perspective' results are returned in a panel number from 1 to ... with corresponding numbers appearing on the features they relate to in the map.  However, with polygon results, these numbers appear to locate at the or centroid of the polygon.


    This presents a problem with complex polygon shapes as the centroid and therefore point can fall outside of the polygon it is supposed to represent.  Here is an example that is confusing the public as the centroid is an empty space where there are no conservation areas.

    These results clearly mislead the user limiting the overall usefulness of this webapp.


    It seems like a simple yet powerful change.




    Peter Kohler

    GIS & Locations Manager

    Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council.