Survey123 lines and polygons

Idea created by kbz_asiaq on Jun 30, 2017
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    We do interviews of indigenous and local people of Greenland collecting information of use of UNESCO World Heritage sites and traditional hunting grounds. The locals will be asked to draw eg. tracks of migrating reindeer and musk oxen, hunting trails, dogsled trails, important areas for hunting, berry picking or other features in the landscape, which can't be presented as points due to their coverage.


    We are not working differential GNSS survey grade accuracy - the only available maps for the area is 1:250.000, 1:100.000 and for some areas 1:50.000. So a finger on a touch screen for digitizing is in many cases fine.


    The different types of geometries will often need to share attribute types, so it would be elegant if one table or database could have different types of geometries.


    Karl Zinglersen



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