Ability to restrict editing to organizational users for public map

Idea created by jannierenee on Jun 29, 2017
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    • jannierenee
    • jkelly_5

    As an example: I have created a service that I want a group of users in my organization to edit, however I also want the public to view the map without being able to edit the feature service layer. The current workarounds for editing are cumbersome and impractical, and it seems like an all-or-nothing approach. Allow editing, therefore anyone in the general public can edit the layer, or not allow editing, and my organizational users with small amounts of GIS experience cannot perform updates. I can disable editing on the feature layer, and then when updates need to be made, unshare, allow the users to edit and then reshare once the edits are made. This would make the map unavailable to the public any time edits need to be made, which is not a practical option. I can disable editing on the layer in the map, but someone familiar with ArcGIS Online could still edit the feature service. Also not a practical option. I can make the users in my organization administrators, so that they can open the layer with editing capabilities, however, I don't want users with very limited GIS knowledge as administrators in my organization of 100 ArcGIS Online users. Please make an option to allow editing for a select group of users or organizational users.