Download full raster datasets from Open Data site

Idea created by aurelies on Jun 23, 2017

    please, please provide a way for people to make data OPENLY accessible and downloadable!


    We have spent weeks designing and launching our ArcGIS Online open data site, hosting large raster datasets on arcGIS for Server...only to find out that the downloaded raster datasets from Open data are only thumbnails - even though the little dropdown clearly says "full dataset." 


    This is awfully misleading! There is currently no way to download full resolution rasters from Open Data 


    it clearly says full dataset

    looks like a full dataset to me! (nope!)


    According to Esri: "ArcGIS Open Data gives you a quick way to set up public-facing websites where people can easily find and download your open data in a variety of open formats"


    "Anyone can use data published on ArcGIS Open Data at no cost. Download raw data and share your insights with your community or build new applications that serve specific users."


    This is unfortunately not true for raster datasets and if it is not fixed, then users should be made aware that they need to host their datasets (particularly large ones above 1GB) on dropbox, google drive, ftp etc... 


    please, please p#rovide a way for people to make data OPENLY accessible and downloadable in standard formats for people who might not have arcGIS!  


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